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Theatre in the Valley has been a feature of the Henderson community since 1992. We are dedicated to producing quality plays and musicals that our Las Vegas Valley friends and family can:



Our first production in our new playhouse will be a special holiday musical


The Magic Toy Box

All Performances will be at Theatre In The Valley's Playhouse

10 West Pacific Avenue, Henderson NV. 89015-7383


Matinees at 2:00PM & 3:30PM
Evening at 6:00PM


Matinees at 2:00PM & 3:30PM
Evening at 6:00PM


Matinees at 2:00PM & 3:30PM
Evening at 6:00PM


Matinees at 2:00PM & 3:30PM
Evening at 6:00PM

Synopsis: It's been a miserable and boring Christmas Eve for Bobby who has been sick all week and quarantined because of the new baby. Bobby is sad and fears missing out on Christmas. To the child's surprise, The Magic Toy Box brings joy and delight to this special night.

Rated: [G] - General Audiences - "For children of all ages."


Abigail Bacigalupi ~ Bobbie

Michelle Sieniarecki & Kim Glover ~ Mom (alternately)

Maureen Seymour ~ Raggedy Ann

Ryan Snanoudj ~ Cat (In a Hat)

Demyia Browning ~ Toy Soldier

Elizabeth McKenna ~ Clown

Jennifer Bacigalupi ~ Flu-Bug

Story, Musical Arrangements & Directed by Rick Bindhamer

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. For reservations call 558-7275 or email us at:

Theatre In The Valley has found a new home

10 West Pacific Avenue, Henderson, NV 89015

10 West Pacific Avenue, Henderson, NV. 89015-7383

One of the things we are hoping to foster with this new venue, is the possibility of bringing together a Dramatist's Consortium Project for ongoing productions. Our goal of is to turn this venue into a performance and training center, bringing on board fellow theater professionals to help create an experience where those interested in becoming involved in community theater can learn and grow.

Theatre In The Valley is entering a period of rebirth and revitalization. Our mission is to promote opportunities for community theater. Those interested in joining us and helping to rebuild the organization are encouraged to contact the Webmaster. Especially needed are Financial Aid Supporters, Volunteers experienced with Entertainment Business Management, Grant-writing, Accounting, Fundraising, Set Design/Scenery/Carpentry, Costuming, Theatrical Lighting & Sound, Choreography, Stage and Musical performance backgrounds.

  • Participate as an actor.
  • Participant as an assistant or manager behind the scenes.
  • Relax and enjoy the show as a welcome, appreciated audience.
  • We hope to become a fun part of your valley lifestyle.

For more information email us at:

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This organization is funded, in part, by a grant from the Nevada Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency:

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